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·Sep 28, 2021·

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Here is my post towards course assignment called 'release 1'.

How did it go?

Quite bad. (At least time-wise) I have read the task and decided it looks not too hard. As a master-procrastinator I have started working on the day of deadline. [and soon learned it was a big mistake]. It took me about 5 hours that day to reach about 60% functionality. It still lacks 2 features. When I found time to work on it again, it took about 2h to fix bugs enough, so my partner could implement. W righting a blog post takes about 1-1.5h, and I have 3 of these left for today.

Any way, here is git: git

What did I learn?

  • One should start early next time [Spoiler: did I start early for the lab2? YES! 1 day in advance! still had to submit late.]
  • Writing blog post has a big motivation barrier
  • GitHub had an update where instead of password they use some auth key, that takes very long time to find every time. And then I can't use ssh, since I already use ssh for my 2nd git account.

What am I doing to become more productive

  • restricted all social networks from 9 to 5 on router settings. (Now Y0uTube does not work even from my phone)
  • reading book 'Atomic Habits'

What else should I do?

  • practice coding. Becoming a good programmer takes time and practice. There more code one wrights, better they become.
  • Engage more into group work, especially on video conference format as it is #1 working tool to get
  • Probably should quit extra-curriculum activities on weekends, but realistically probably will not happen.

A little about my code:

Here is a fun thing I did:

        Lines = ["<doctype html>",
                 o_tag("html", 'lang="{}"'.format(lang)),
                 indent(1) + o_tag('meta','charset="{}"'.format(lang), True),
                 indent(1) + o_tag("title") + title + clo_tag(),
                 indent(1) + o_tag("meta", 'content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"', True)

Instead of doing like every one else in my class all the as a string, I instead came up with my own formatting functions. Result looks much more wordy, takes more processing power and memory. It might prove to be a little more flexible hopefully.

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