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On Time Management

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·Oct 1, 2021·

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Things I need to do by the end of the week

1. OSD (open source course):

  • blog on lab1 (1h)
  • blog on lab2 (1h)
  • Lab 3 (3h)

2. SPO (software portability course)

  • lab1 report (1h)
  • lab 2 (4)

    • draw 2 vertical lines on 6502 emulator using assembly
    • wright report (+1h)
  • lab 3 (defer to next week)

3. CVI (computer vision course)

  • watch about 2-3 hours of missed lectures (defer to next week)

4. Wright my DND character sheet and story, people are waiting (1.5h)

What have I been doing? Why is everything so late?

  • I have watched all SPO lectures

  • I was working on SPO lab3 in lab time with 2 partners, we did not get far, but it helped.

  • I was working on SPO lab2 partner for 2h, we was able to draw only the upper line, but I think 4 more hours, and I will be able to finish it. Will understand enough assembly.

  • I have watched half of OSD lectures (at-least I already know a lot how git works, but I will definitely catch up)

  • I did osd release 1 code, lab 2 code.

  • l have watched half of CVI lectures

  • I have been doing all the CVI labs right on class lab time (I have amazingly smart partners, but I am also engaging within my skills)

  • I do have a full time work, that is an absolute priority.

  • I did not have time on weekends

    (except one day I had full 16h. I could have caught-up with most of my work. However I could not bring myself to do anything. Probably due to stress factor from having too much things to do) Any way, it looks like I can do work in smaller chunks. Also, I usually take quite a lot of time before I start, and some time between tasks.

How much time (before the end of the week) do I have, to finish all the tasks above?

Friday: 5h from now to bed time. (max 4 of them could be productive) Saturday: 2h between my gym and guests. (And no time until Sunday evening ) Also, from my experience 2hours are not enough time to even get started. Sunday: if I am home by 7-8, it would leave me about of 3 productive hours, unless I am too tired from all of the hiking.

How I plan to send my available time then?

Low hanging fruits:



  • 2h to blog
  • 1h to stair into code and think on lab 3 DND:
  • 1h of character sheet SPO: 1h to spend on a lab2, trying to do some code



  • 2h to work on lab 2, and perhaps start on blog report.


OSD lab 3 for all the time that's left.

(Note, from the few lines above where it was 5:00 pm, now it is 5:50; resulting with less time to work)

Why are you taking all these courses, you don't seem to have time for them?

  • They are fascinating. I might not learn as much from them as I could, but something is better then nothing.

  • If I I manage to finish them all well, means I have improved my time management skills by a lot.

  • I want to get masters eventually. However I need good grades. So I am sometimes getting a course, and if grade is bad, dropping it on the last day.

And now it is 6:00pm, so I am off to execute my plan.

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