Internal dialogue of a procrastinator


3 min read

R: rational part I: Instant gratification part

R: you should really start working on this homework assignment, it will take you couple hours at most I: it is ok, we can do it tomorrow morning. Let's set up the alarm really early. I am so sleepy now after all, and tomorrow we will have some coffee. R: But if we wake up 2h before the deadline, it is too early for us! we are not going to have enough sleep! I: Okay, maybe we should start. But wait, let's first look at our news feed. It would not take too much time, but we will feel so much better. R: I don't know... Are you sure we are not going to get stuck again? I: Absolutely not! It is not that much to reed, we read most of it today already. R: Sounds reasonable. Okay. ... 20 minutes later.

R: I am closing this now! Let's open the slides. I: okay R: Why are we lying on the table eyes closed? I: I am so sleepy and tired. Maybe re-consider doing it in the morning? Look, if we go to sleep now, then waking up early, you still would get your 7-8 hours of sleep. R: You know how it will go. We would fall asleep at our usual time any way. Imagine how tired you will be in the morning! I: Not if we have coffee! R: Look, we should at least start tonight. I: okay. Also, I think we really need to make a blog post called "internal dialogue of a procrastinator". Look, it is very important that we do it now, because it is now or never. Remember how you always wanted to have a blog? R: Agreed, sounds reasonable. I guess if we have some time left after that, we could look at the homework. But I will set the alarm for tomorrow. ... 20 minutes later.

I: finishing the blog post! Told you it was going to be fast. R: Cool, we can skill do some homework before going to bed. I: sure. But your friend here needs you to watch this video. And you better do it, you can't tell them you are busy, they can see you not working on your homework. R: Okay. Remind me, why our priorities are like that? Why can't we be like normal people, who do important things first? Now I will have to punish you with feeling bad for not starting early. I: Oh no. What's the point of that? I thought we were friends? R: Sorry, it is in your.. no in our best interest. Next time you remember how bad it was, so you would have a bit more motivation to start earlier. I: If only this would have ever worked. I: At-least now we agree, that we are postponing everything towards morning.