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Becoming a Developer

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·Sep 11, 2021·

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This will be a blog about my journey to becoming the real programmer. I began learning programming about 3 years ago. Some posts might have quite a bit of grammatical/syntactic errors: my editors don't speak English very well.

I am starting my blog with this set of skills:

  • I don't know Java and JavaScript at all (how did I even pass these courses?)
  • I don't know any assembly language, but will probably learn some basics soon.

  • I know basics of C, but I never used 'malloc'

  • I know basics of C++, even used 'New'. I think I forgot object oriented part of it, though.
  • I can code in Python, because it is easy.
  • I know a little theory about algorithms and data structures.
  • I was able to solve day 3 but I had to have some little help to solve day 5
  • I know Linux better then Windows.
  • I am quite okay with Git, but also stagnated a bit. (I know how to do:
$ git checkout -b <branchName> --track origin/<master>

And I think once you know that, you can survive, and probably stay at this level for years)

  • I am a pro at procrastination and excuses, but I am working on it with intermittent success.

My goal for the next 3 months to:

  • learn assembly basics
  • find particular open-source community that will -keep my motivation up -allow me to learn more Linux kernel/driver dev
  • improve my productivity and focus
  • improve my programming skills
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